Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grateful Day #2 - Holidays

I wanted to make sure I posted about Halloween, so I decided to express my gratitude for holidays. I love them, all of them! They give us a chance to break from the every day routine and have some fun! Halloween is one of my favorites... it's fun to dress up and be someone or thing different, you get candy, and it's like the kick off of the winter holidays! I love Thanksgiving cause you can get together with all of you family and eat yummy food... it's like Christmas, but without the stress of getting the right present for everyone! And then there's Christmas, which is special for so many reasons! But I especially enjoy Halloween in southern Utah because I don't have to pile on layers of clothing to keep my kids warm while trick-or-treating! All we've needed is a light jacket & this year we had gloves too. It's nice! I hope all of your holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are awesome!

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