Sunday, November 28, 2010

Salt Lake City Snow Fun

The kids were super excited to see snow when we arrived at my dad's place in Salt Lake City. Me, not so excited. But I love to see my kiddos having fun so while we were up there I bundled them all up and took them out for some quality time with the snow. Liv dove right in and made a snow angel (she's come a long way from the toddler that wouldn't even put a finger near the stuff)! Gary boy started building a tower which turned out to be the mountain with Toquerville Rock on it. They had fun throwing snow. Liv threw it in the air while I was Gary's main target... trouble maker. In the end, all this only lasted five, maybe ten minutes tops, and then they were too cold and ready to go back inside. I guess they're spoiled with the warmer side of Southern Utah living!

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