Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grateful Day #7, 8, 9, & 10

So, I'm really not good at doing this on a daily basis, but oh well, cause I still think about it every day and come up with something new each day... it just takes longer to get on blogger and write them down! Anyways, for day #10 I am grateful for ultrasounds! Today we were able to see our little GIRL! She is already a big tease. When we first started the ultrasound she had her ankles crossed and her hand between her legs, so we were thinking we may not even get a peek! But with a whole lot of poking she moved her hand, but still we'd get her to open her legs for a second then she'd snap them shut. But it because obvious that there weren't any extra appendages and that she did have girly parts! Yay! Both kiddos are happy to be getting a little sister!

Day #9 - I don't have a picture for this one, but I am grateful for the chance to make cookies with Gary boy! He's really becoming such a big helper with the cookie making! I do have to hold him back from eating all the dough (and he gets frustrated cause I make him keep washing his hands every time he eats some) but it's really become a bonding experience for him and me!

Day #8 - I am grateful for Google Maps! It's been fun to easily see where my little brother is physically on his mission. He just got transferred to North Sheilds, so I googled it and was not only to see a map of where he was but also the buildings and streets from their ariel option! I think it is just too cool!

Day #7 - I am grateful for good doctors! I appreciate all the different kinds of doctors, but on this day specifically (Monday) because my sweet Grandma Norma was in for heart surgery. The surgery went smoothly and she's been recovering well. Thank heaven for the medical knowledge we have now and the great men and women that work hard to perfect their trade!

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Wardles said...

Congratulations on your new addition! Another girl! How exciting! I love all your grateful days! It is always a good to think about what you're grateful for.