Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Sunday afternoon we headed to a day of enlightenment at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I had chosen this place because I remember on one of my trips to Texas we had gone through the huge butterfly center. I loved having such beautiful butterflies flying all around me, and I wanted to share that with Liv since she loves butterflies too. Of course, my wussy daughter was clinging to me the whole time. But still I was loving it, especially cause it was such a photo opportunity! I wish I didn't have kids clinging to me so I could've spent a lot more time focused on some great shots. Gary was a lot of fun! He loved running around and looking at all the exhibits! He loved when he was able to push buttons that would do some sort of demonstration. And he loved the "big red ball"... I have absolutely no idea what it was demonstrating, except that it was in the energy section, but he thought it was SO COOL!

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Heather said...

I'm SO sorry I missed you! I'm glad you had fun.