Thursday, August 2, 2007

Twilight and New Moon

I love, love, LOVE the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer! I couldn't put it down for a minute, and a totally fell in love with Edward! It is a romantic tale of forbidden love between a vampire and a human. Those of you who don't know I am a total Buffy/Angel fan so this book was totally up my alley! I tell everyone I know to read it & I know I'm not alone since there's over a two year waiting list at the Salt Lake County Libraries for this specific book... they're calling it "the next Harry Potter" since it's so popular. As a side note, it was a book club pick... since I usually try to avoid trends. For once I'm glad I jumped on the band wagon (or was told to) because it is FANTASTIC!

Of course I had high expectations for the second book, New Moon, but was GREATLY DISAPPOINTED! I was going to go off on a whole rant about it, but decided that I'd end up giving away too much about the story. Since I have great hope that the next book, Eclipse coming out August 7th... yay, is going to be fabulous, I think that the book should be read nonetheless (unless the third one is no good, then I will tell everyone to read ONLY Twilight). This is what I will say... I felt like a wasted a lot of time and emotion until the last 100 pages...

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Suzanne said...

I love this series too! I didn't like New Moon as much as Twighlight, but still enjoyed it. I guess it was because I knew things would be o.k. in the end. You're right, it took a long time to get there though. I can't wait for Eclipse to come out tomorrow! :)