Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Princess Party

I'm finally getting around to making a post about this fabulous vacation... it's been a whirlwind of activity, crazy fun type stuff. Saturday my little cousin, Alexis, turned four years old... Little Miss Snow White there. So we had a princess party for her while the cousins were all gathered together! They were such gorgeous little princesses. My aunt put on a great party with a beautiful castle cake, lots of fun party favors, and great princess games! The pinata was a big hit (don't mind the pun ;)) as always, but, as you'll see, it took the boys to step in to get it broke open. I was very happy with the bonding that went on between the girls... their personalities meshed well and they all clicked as friends! Anyways, good stuff!


Suzanne said...

How fun to attend a princess party! There won't be one of those at my house anytime soon! LOL!

I've missed your posts! :)

todd...da husband said...

I miss that little princess

Heather said...

very cute!