Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Reunion

We came home yesterday from our Texas trip. It was so sweet to watch the kids run up and give their daddy big hugs and kisses! And Gary wouldn't leave his side for a long time! It was such a good experience! So I guess distance does make the heart grow founder! It was fun cause towards the end of our trip Liv would want to call Todd to say hi cause she missed him so much... so sweet!


Anonymous said...

Tami, Liv, Gary -- We enjoyed your visit so much; please come back SOON....! And to you, Todd -- Thank you for being so incredibly GENEROUS in sharing your family with us; I know you missed them terribly; but, it meant so much having 1:1 time with your beautiful children and incredible Wife. Your family is overflowing with Wonderfulness.....a GIFT to anyone fortunate enough to come in contact.
Love you all, Shannon (aka Great Aunt Shannon)

Heather said...

Super cute!