Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day on the Lake

This Labor Day was a whole lot of fun (up until I caught the stomach flu...). We took out my dad's wave runners to Utah Lake... yes that gross icky 5ft deep body of water we still use for recreation since it's what we got close. I was so surprised that Liv was game to go for a ride right of the bat! She thought it was so fun, but wasn't as anxious to go again the rest of the day. Gary was a hoot! He had to hold the handle bars just like mom and dad did... that made for quite the challenge. His head was so close that he'd hit it every bump, thank heavens there is cushion there between the handlebars! He thought it was awesome, and I wasn't even going all that slow. From time to time I'd hear him say "WEEE!" Half way through the ride Todd and I switched so he could ride with Gary for a bit. It was real fun to ride along next to him, cause he'd wave while keeping his arm snug to his body, so cute! By the time we went back to the beach, though, he was out... ready for a nap for sure! I packed up my camera & took pictures of my little brothers as they did their thing. I think Todd just about had a heart attack when I told him what I was up to, but it was so exciting to try to capture the best action shots while keeping in mind lighting & all that! I turned out with some real fun ones, so it, to me, was worth the risk... maybe. hehe!

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