Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nineteen Minutes

Before I get to the good stuff (AKA Hawaii) I wanted to report on Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult... 
This book/story sent me on quite the emotional ride.  At first I became obsessed with school shootings that actually happened.  I researched those of Columbine High, Virginia Tech, and eve 9/11.  I took a trip back to the day of Columbine, watching the reporting of it as I sat with my friends in class.  I was in ninth grade - shocked, but probably not fully understanding what was going on.  As a parent now, though, I wondered why and how?  I was amazed to learn that the shooters of Columbine had even done a video called "Hitman for Hire," teens protecting the bullied by taking down the jocks, for a school project... how could the teachers not wonder enough to further investigate??  But as my anxiety rose, I finally climaxed at the conclusion that there must be some efforts to recognize and thwart these troubled students, or else there would most likely be even more.  Thinking of m high school time, where we were like any others with cliques and other varieties of social status, there were a couple times we had a handful of police officers along with rumors of bomb threats.  Whatever their reason was, I'd like to think their presence was the actual defense of preventing any such violence... Then again maybe I'm still being naive??
I really did like learning so many points of view, because while I was asking the whys and hows my thoughts would also turn to the families.  I'd listen to (since I did "read" this via audio book) Lacy's, Peter, the shooters, mom, view that my heart was softened and broken.  Gary boy has some physical flaws - he's pigeon toed and has a wandering eye, the doctors won't try to fix it until age six or seven.  Because of this I worry about bullying - he's so cute that I hope that will stand out more, but still I worry.  And what will or can I do if that is the situation?  I also can understand Lacy's confusion - this is her little boy.... looking at Gary or Liv's precious little faces and how innocent they are I know that's what I'll always see, always.  So to try to believe they are capable of any wrong is impossible.  Not that I'm saying I believe my kids will grow up to be mass murderers, of course not, but I guess what I've learned is in the end my children will make their own choices, and I will always love them even if their choices break my hear, just as Lacy had.
I don't know if I would recommend this book to someone.  It was an incredible trip, but only if you're prepared for it!

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Suzanne said...

I worry about my sons heading to Middle School too. They're both very small for their age (preemies) so I'm already nervous that they'll get picked on. Maybe this next generation will be kinder to those that are different...

Great review of your book! I think it's really helpful to see all the points of view. You made some very good points!

I can't wait to hear about Hawaii!