Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

I hope all of your Valentine's Days were as sweet as ours! I was actually grateful that this holiday was on Sunday this year, because it let us spread the love over the whole weekend! On Friday night I helped (as I am on our ward activities committee) put on a dance for our ward. I was very impressed that almost everyone that came got on the dance floor and boogied! Nice! Saturday I got to spend the latter part of the day just Todd and me :) We went to the temple, he bought me a sweet cake book, and got some food shopping done, but mainly it was fun just to be the two of us for a little bit! So when it came to the actual day on Sunday we were able to hang out with the family and just enjoy each other. I put on a festive dinner with probably too many sweets, cause the kiddos were distracted from the dinner... oh well. And then to finish the day I successfully made a five layered, heart shaped, jello dessert, yum! My sweetie made the day special with beautiful mini roses that are potted so I can enjoy them for a long time & a sweet card full of loving words! I am so lucky to have so many sweet Valentines!!


mariam said...

Cute blog!

im new :)

TyandKolbi said...

I want to try some of that Jello dessert! Looks awesome!

Quinton and Laura Joy said...

Wow, I am thouroughly (lol, I can't spell!) (and analisa is trying to help me type, so I'm back spacing alot) anyway! Greatly impressed with that heart dessert! Way cute! I'm glad your Valentines was so much fun.