Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sand Hollow Camping

Friday we decided to go camping at Sand Hollow as a last "Hurrah" before Taber and Koda headed to Colorado. I was very anxious about taking Suzy out in such a heat (104 average this weekend) but
it needed to be attempted. It was rough on her, but she held up pretty well. Then slept and slept when we got home. The older kids, Liv, Gary, & their cousin Koda, had a BLAST! The played in the water
nonstop! I helped Liv make a sand castle with much success! The boys enjoyed sword fighting... they'll sword fight with anything! Todd and I had a good time skiing, it's been a year since I've been able to ski
(pregnancy, you know...) and boy could I tell it'd been so long! I was a wuss and ended up sore. So here's to more trips to the lake, asap! Thanks Gary and Karlene for sharing your toys and creating fun
memories with the family!


Dean and Rachel said...

Love the pics....I can't believe how much the babe has already changed. What a cutie. I LOVE the lake and skiing. AND, I'm always sore!

tami and todd said...

Hey Rachel, you should come down here and let's us take you out on the lake then!!! It'd be a fun little trip... we even have an extra bedroom you guys could stay in! For reals, think about it :)

Dean and Rachel said...

Ooh I would LOVE to. If we can squeeze it in I'd love to. We are going to Powell next week and then Cali in August. Our summer has been CRAZY!!! Miss you

Wendy and Spencer said...

Suzy is SO beautiful! Looks like so much fun. We would love to have you guys visit anytime! Have you been out here before?