Friday, July 29, 2011

Suzy's Four Months Old

Believe it or not it's been four months since my angel was born! She's getting so big (but I won't know exactly how much for a couple more weeks when she gets weighed in at her well check up) but I'm guess 12 or 13 lbs now! Doubling her birthweight! She has discovered her voice and loves to "talk". This is adorable all except during church classes ;) She puts everything in her mouth which means as soon as she's mobile the kids will have to keep their toys in their rooms because they have hundreds of little toys now days. She's starting to giggle, but right now it takes a lot of work to get her going, and she mostly only does it for her daddy... he's always been the playmate for each kid! She's a very easy baby... she loves spending time with her Gpa Gary ever night, she loves being talked to (especially by her big sister and brother), she has a huge grin (which I was hoping to capture in the photo but she thought it was too bright, so I was lucky just to get one with her eyes open), and she sleeps through the night which makes for a happy mother!


Tyler and Sheena said...

She is so cute! She looks like Liv but still has her own look. Can you believe how fast our babies are growing?

larry said...

She is growing up way to fast.

Laura Joy and Quinton said...

I thought she was only a few weeks! ;)