Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Spotlight

Childhood Innocence - Kids are so precious! I love when they do a little something that reminds me how innocent and fresh from heaven they are. Liv is learning how to say her own prayers without help, so she started out right and went down her list of thanks... "thanks for daddy, thanks for mommy, thanks for Gary, thanks for Olivia, thanks for our toys, thanks for our books..." then there was a long pause with a quick finish "THE END!" Todd and I gave each other a great big smile as we stifled our laughs and then told her what a great job she did... we'll continue to teach her the correct finishing, but for that night it was incredibly precious!


larry said...

Thats my girl,(s) thanks for sharing the story Tami

Suzanne said...

How precious! You'll love sharing these stories with her when she's grown up! :)