Friday, November 23, 2007


I hope you all had a very very good Thanksgiving holiday! Ours was a whole lot of fun. It was the first time we ever went to two dinners and that was real tough, I don't know how people do that every year. First we went to Linda's Thanksgiving. Linda is my dad's sweet girlfriend, and we wanted to meet each other (her kids and my dad's kids). After that we went to my grandma & grandpa Montgomery's house for another great dinner. I love being with those people... my family is awesome!! They all get tired of me by the end of the night, though, since a couple years ago I decided to start a new tradition: I scrap out pages leaving matted areas for pictures and lots of room for everyone to write what they're thankful for... and I make sure everyone does. In the end everyone really does enjoy reading what they wrote years later! Then we play lots of games. My young cousins, Roger and Robbie are so cute with my kids, they love to play with them which makes my visit all that much easier! It was especially fun to be taken a ride in Grandpa Monty's motorcycle side car with the kids, they thought it was the coolest! It was a fantastic day!

So, what am I grateful for?? I'll tell ya... I'm grateful for a hard working husband that loves our kids so much, and is a huge goofball. I'm grateful for my beautiful daughter that is growing up healthy and strong. She's got beautiful blue eyes just like my mom. Right now she's developing her independence which can be a challenge for the mom, but is a good thing for her to learn. Gary is at the best age. He's expressing his personality more, can talk just enough to let me know what he wants, but can't talk back yet. His laugh cheers my heart always, and his smile is priceless. I've got a wonderful dad that has recently met someone that makes him happy, and he deserves that. Both of my brothers are incredibly intelligent. Nate has a girlfriend and is about to graduate which means he'll be entering the "real world". Aaron keeps himself busy with a lot of extracurricular activities at the school & reminds me a lot of myself back in the day. I am extremely grateful for my mother who was also my best friend, she's the best! I also am grateful for my wonderful friends especially the four girls I grew up with, Laura, Sheena, and Wendy. We began our friendship as children and are still great friends to this day! And, most of all, I am grateful to have the knowledge of the true gospel. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints enlightens my life and brings me joy that I have never been able to find anywhere else! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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