Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Zion with the Fam

My family (aka Dad, Linda, Nate, and Aaron) came down from Salt Lake for  weekend visit before Linda headed to Colorado for violin obligations (by the way, she rocks on that thing!!), I was super excited!  I love my family, I think I was truly blessed because of those in my family... they're all very special!  Anyways, so Friday the guys stopped in Cedar City first so that they could be flown around southern Utah by Linda's son-in-law, Ty.  That must've been cool, a different experience then the large jets most of us ride in for travel.  Then they headed my way... that night was adventurous: we drove around trying to find the local pumpkin patch/corn maze, after a half hour extra driving time we called my aunt and uncle that have lived in these parts for a long time.  We finally found it only to find out that the pumpkin patch wasn't open that night :(  So then we drove home, hung out chatting, then played games.  I won the game of Marcus with an AMAZING hand, only to find out later that my dear father-in-law staged it, not as exciting after all.  The next day we headed to Zion National Park which is about a half hour drive from my place.  We rode the shuttle to Weeping Rock, which is a super short hike... nice when the two kiddos are around, but still pays off with amazing beauty!  Weeping Rock has water dripping out of it that has been dated as centuries old... crazy!  It's cool and pretty, always blows me away!  And then we went to where the Narrows hike ends so the kids could play near the river.  Turns out by "kids" I mean also my teenage brothers and cousins Brenda, Roger, & Robbie.  They're all so silly.  I never knew that digging out rocks and building dams could be just as entertaining for teens as it is for my two year old :)  It was a blast!  Carrying a mud-covered Gary Boy we headed home to a roast dinner cooked by my sweet mother-in-law!  That night we played more games, laughed super hard, and ate yummy ice cream and treats!  Today they went to church with us and then had to head home :(  It was a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!


larrym7 said...

he Tami we had a great time, now listen up I was just fooling you when I said Gary rigged the results. Sorry Tami you are so fun to tease, Love you Dad

Jennie said...

Thanks for a very fun day!!

tami and todd said...

Sure you were dad,now you're just saying that cause you feel bad for ruining my glory ;p

Dean and Rachel said...

I love Southern Utah! I miss it sometimes. You do have a great family! Tell them hi.
Oh...and don't give me a hard time about red eye. I'm lucky to find enough time to blog. If it bugs you, you can move back to SLC and help me:)!
Miss you guys!

Chel said...

I love Zion's! It is one of my favorite places!

Great pictures (and your dad is too funny!)