Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recent Books Read

First I read Peeled by Joan Bauer.  This was a fun little story that I had a hard time relating to so I don't think I could enjoy it to its fullest potential.  As Hildy Biddle, the main character, said herself, "If you've never been in print..."  yep, I couldn't understand.  Yet, I was impressed at the work Hildy did to get the story of the what was really happening to her small town!  It was fun enough that I could see someone young person with the same ambitions totally loving this book!
I also read The 13th Reality, the Journal of Curious Letters by James Dashner was a very unique story.  It was definitely written for youth as some of the clues were very easy to figure out, although, others I have to admit I couldn't quite figure out on my own.  Either way Tick, the main character, was able to figure them out, thus on "the special day" he learned there's more to the universe than he imagined!  I was impressed with the story line even though it left me wanting more.  It definitely was an introduction to even more to come!  I think this would be a real fun book to read along with a pre-teen child... an adventure to go on together just like Tick and his Dad!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Where do you find the time to read? I feel like since I had Lilla, any reading for enjoyment has gone out the window. Oh, I can't imagine life with two little ones. Maybe that would be easier as they would be entertaining each other...or trying to kill each other...hmmm. :)

tami and todd said...

Lol, you are too funny Amy! I usually read right before bed. And after the kids go to bed, almost every other night, I take a tub and read then too. Yeah, it probably is easier with two, because whenever we go outside I snag time to read while they play. You'll know soon enough about that :)

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