Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Spotlight

October - I love October, it is my favorite month!  Firstly it's because of my mom... The month starts with Mom's birthday on the 2nd which takes me back to many happy memories.  Her last birthday she was in such good spirits even though she was so sick, and it makes me laugh every time I think about it!  Later in the month, the 26th, today, is the anniversary of her passing.  This a sad thought, but with it comes a whole lot of reminiscing!  And the memories are priceless.  But it's not just those two days, the thoughts of Mom last all through the month since so many things happened during October 2004.  I love remembering my mom!
Plus, October is like the kick off for all the holidays to come for those three months.  It starts with the weather change... I love fall weather, so cool after a hot summer!  And then the activities and crafts all leading up to Halloween night with
 costumes and trick or treating!  We have had a lot of fun creating festive little works of art this year!  The kids absolutely love painting, and it turns out I like to 
let them do so as long as I have some sort of control of the mess!  Tonight we will be carving pumpkins, another favorite tradition.  Usually I take a carved on to my mom's, but I left that to the guys up north this year!  And the most fun part of it all... dressing up!  I love it!  Liv and Gary boy
 will be an angel and a little devil (can you
 guess which is which??)!  I will be posting those pictures later this week!  I hope all of you enjoy your October, Halloween and all the holidays to come!! 


Chel said...

I love October as well. You are such a lovely girl - it's month that can bring back hard memories, yet you chose to love this month and cherish it.

Love all the pictures. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tami, While looking at your Blog I clicked on the link that say's "my Mom" and read your tribute to your mother again. You did a great job of telling her story, of course we could of written volumes but you did a great job. She was truely an amazing women and you are just like her. It was so fitting that that her funeral was on Haloween (I really didn't mean to plan it on that day it just worked out) but it was one of her favorite days. October is a great month. Love you Tami, Dad

Dean and Rachel said...

I love your mom! I'm glad you have such great memories with her.
I can't wait to see your kids costumes

liss said...

I always enjoy your October posts. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Dear Tami,
That was such a beautiful tribute to your mom. She must have been an incredible woman, wife, mother and friend. You are pretty amazing too Tami.

Thanks for sharing.
Love you,


Anonymous said...


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