Monday, November 24, 2008

Mesquite Getaway

Saturday night Todd and I headed to Mesquite, Nevada to join our friends, Tony and Brie, for their combined Bachelor/Bachelorette party.  This sweet couple will be getting married this coming Saturday (the 29th) and wanted to celebrate with all their friends.  Todd and I were very excited for the opportunity to go play!  It was a fun-filled night starting with yummy food at the Eureka.  Afterwards we went back to our hotel, the Oasis, so the party could race go-carts... that was a hoot to watch!  And then we headed into the casino to play.  We had a lot of fun... Tony introduced us to Paigow poker, that was a lot of fun.  Todd and I made $40 last for three hours.  It's fun because you're not competing against each other so everyone is talkative and helpful, and with our friends playing too it was awesome!  Even though that picture of me is at the slots, let me tell ya... I don't enjoy them hardly at all.  First, I don't trust computers, and it's just boring... no interaction.  I played $2 there just because I wanted to play Keno, but they didn't do it old school anymore... just on the slots.  One of my fondest memories is when my dad would buy me a keno card while we ate dinner on vacation in Mesquite.  He'd let me choose the numbers and then we'd watch to see if we won.  So I played for nostalgic reasons, but the machine is not the same!  Anyways... it was a GREAT night!!


Suzanne said...

How fun! It's nice to have a night out without the kiddies to feel young again!

Aly said...

How fun! I also have that childhood mom would take me to Wendover and during dinner let me mark the Keno cards! One time I won $96.00!! Glad that you got to get away:)

chellie said...

oh so fun!!