Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Dark is Rising

This book, The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper, both intrigued me and bored me. First... the eleven year old boy, Will, discovers this amazing thing about himself, then he goes back to normal every day life just waiting for the next event to happen upon him. If I was told that I was so supernaturally special and had a very divine destiny to fulfill I couldn't just go back to life and wait, hmm. But things got real interesting has a massive snow storm dumps on London and all things come together. But in the end I found myself saying a lot of whats? and hmms? Made me wish I would've read the first book in this sequence, but it was chosen in our book club so I just went with the flow. Still it made me wonder if a lot of those whats? and hmms? would've been eliminated and all would've made sense. So I'm not real anxious to get the next book, but if I am in need of a book I may just pick up the first book and then go from there!

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