Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my sweet Mom's birthday... it's a bittersweet day, but I like to keep on celebrating it for her. I really miss her (she passed away almost three years ago now), and this little tradition we have of the family meeting up at her grave for cake is real therapeutic for me cause I spend the day remembering her as I make the preparations. She was the coolest woman ever! She was perfect! She taught by words and example, I never wondered what my mom believed... I always knew just as this primary song says:
"I see my mother kneeling
with her family each day
I hear the words she whispers
as she bows her head to pray.
Her plea to the Father
quiets all my fears,
and I am thankful,
Love is spoken here."


Tyler & Sheena said...

I sure miss her. Happy birthday Suzanne.

Sensational Six said...

What a nice way to celebrate your mother's life. I am sure she is smiling down upon you now.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for posting. My mom left earlier this year. It was quite sad (more so then usual) when we realized we didn't have to get her a present for her birthday.