Friday, October 5, 2007

Learning Encasing

So I'm finally getting these beads posted... I've been working on encasing which is basically covering your colored or opaque bead with clear glass. It has been real fun since I love the glass beads because of their transparency quality. I still need tons more practice, of course, but these are what I've done so far. Also, I made some encased stringers, even though I'm having a difficult time with stringers... I think I'm starting to develop my own technique for it, although I'm not so sure what it is... it just seams to work out sometimes & I run with it (I guess that's my technique... I know, I'm such a dork!


Lori Peterson said...

Oh my gosh! Tami, they look GREAT!!! You are a natural!! Keep up the fantastic work!

tami and todd said...

You're so sweet... Thanks!

utmommy said...

Those are so fun!