Thursday, October 25, 2007

Young Reunion

This past weekend I loaded up my kids and "little" brother Aaron and headed to Zion National Park where we'd be having our annual Young Reunion. Yes, these are my in-laws so you may ask "Where was you husband?" Well, he was stuck at home with work. He has too many houses finishing right now so it'd be very stressful for him to head south instead of work another weekend. Luckily for me I've known this family my whole life so they're as much mine as they are his! Anyways, it was a BLAST! The Stansfields went all out to keep up continually busy, entertained, and fed! I was so grateful Aaron came with me because I know it would've been so stressful instead of such a vacation... Thanks Bear!


Amy said...

Too bad your husband couldn't go. :( Looks like you had fun though!

Suzanne said...

You're a trooper for going without your hubby, but I'm sure it helped to have your "little" brother there. How fun to have known your in-laws for your entire life. Did you and your hubby grow up in the same neighborhood? Details please! :D

tami and todd said...

My husbands uncle married by aunt before I was born... the Youngs that my aunt married into own/run a motel and market in Springdale which is the city right outside Zion National Park (which my aunt and her husband later became part owner in as ell). So my family has spent many vacations there at the Young's motel. When I was 16 I spent a summer living with my aunt & working at the market, and have worked there on and off as I lived near there for college. Todd and I met at the Easter get together there the end of my senior year in high school. He was already a student at SUU where I would be going the next semester, so he became my guide to Cedar City. It was weird that I knew all of the Young's so well, even Todd's little sister, but didn't actually meet Todd (knew of him though) until I was 17. See he's five years older than me so I figure I still would've had a crush on him but if we'd met say when I was 13 he'd be 18 & I'd just be annoying... so it's good we met later in life when it was more appropriate!