Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Enchanted April

I actually didn't read through this book, The Enchanted April by: Elizabeth Von Arnim. About 100 pages into it I couldn't take the ladies' tones anymore. They were all so snobbish, or at least the tone of the Victorian era was very prevalent, and gave me a headache. Plus, this was a book club book... the lady chose it because she's always loved the movie and just found out it was a book, so we'd be watching the movie at our monthly book club meeting. The movie was alright, but still not my favorite. It was fun enough and lessons to be learned, so if you have the a liking for the Victorian era, books written at that time, then you'd probably love this book! For me, I'll stick to modern books written in the Victorian setting, it's a whole different tone!

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Melissa said...

For what it's worth: the movie's just delightful. I liked it a whole lot better than the book.