Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Recently a friend from high school, Melinda, days has joined the blogging world and caught onto all the fun games we play... including tags. So I was tagged in one post with some fun questions to answer:

10 years ago... I was in eighth grade, which is funny cause my husband was in his senior year at the same time.

Snacks I enjoy: chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk breakfast drinks (carnation).

Things on my to-do list: It's late in the day, but I still need to... put Liv to bed, relax in a warm tub and read my book, then either get some more scrapbook pages done or crochet and watch X Files (yeah, reruns, I'm a nerd). Then get a good night's rest!

Things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire: Definitely put a load in a savings account that has a nice interest return, pay off my mortgage (and other various debts) as well as mine and Todd's parents! Then travel to a couple of places I've only dreamed of going to. That's at least a start!

Three of my bad habits: guilt trips, being picky, and making beds (but I am getting better!)

Jobs I have had: recently I'm working at the Sears Portrait Studio, I cleaned hotel rooms when I was going to college, I worked at the Sears Watch Repair as well as the Sears store (in home fashions).

Things people don't know about me: I'm paranoid when I'm vacuuming (a long story I may tell you all someday) and I wish I could play the piano better but I quit taking lessons because I know my future will be filled of piano playing callings in the LDS religion for the rest of my life.