Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron

This upcoming week my little brother, Aaron, will be celebrating his 16th birthday! We celebrated with cake and ice cream after his excellent performance in "Boys in the Hood" (a spoof on Robin Hood) since we had most of the family all together. The play was really funny, and Aaron was absolutely wonderful! The characters had a lot of scenes with plays on words which cracked me up... like "I know Robin, what's he been up to?" response "Robin'" in confusion "I know he's Robin, but what has he been doing" and then it goes on like that for a bit until they give up. It was especially fun because Liv told me "I want to be in a play when I grow up, and Gary will be in a play when he grows up too, but I'll be grown up first..." she loved the play too, and that was fun to watch her enjoy it so much! So here's to you Aaron, my completely wonderful brother who is very intelligent, witty, and absolutely hilarious! You did a wonderful job on the play and have had so much success in life so far, I can't wait to watch you continue to grow and find out what your future holds!

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