Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Gary Boy!

Today is my little boy's second birthday! I can't believe it's been two years... he still seams like my little baby! It was a long day two years ago, waiting for little Gary Boy to be delivered. But he arrived, a sweet bundle of joy! At two years old Gary loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, play with his toy cars, kick and throw balls, and eat apples! We celebrated his birthday during half time of the Super Bowl since we had the whole gang over anyways. He got great gifts which included this little drum set that he loves so much! He is musically inclined and has great rhythm... I am so excited to see what this cute little boy grows up to be!! Click here and here for his baby pictures!


larry said...

Dear Tami and Todd,

I cannot express the joy that you two have provided me with your two children. Gary's birthday has given me time to reflex on what sacrifices you both have made to which has strengthen my family. I am so proud to be Gary's (and Liv's) grandpa. I love you guys.

tami and todd said...

Thanks dad, you're so sweet! Love you!!

Todd & Melinda said...

Hey Tami, Thanks for the advise on the blog header. I did not know that but know I do :) It looks like you little boy had a great birthday. He is a cutie!

Tyler & Sheena said...

Happy Birthday Gary boy. Sorry we weren't able to come to the party. I can't believe our babies are growing up. Doesn't it just seem like we had them not too long ago.

Amy said...

Hi Tami,
I didn't realize that our kids were that close in age either. One of my other blogging buddies has a daughter's second birthday next week too. It's such a small blogging world! Anyway, happy belated birthday to your little guy! Adorable pictures by the way. That drumset looks like a blast! Oh, and I had no idea you were so talented scrapbooking wise. Do you digi scrap or is that by hand? They look great! Take care!