Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Gary!

Today, a year ago, was one of the longest days ever... waiting for my little boy to arrive. They thought it'd all go real fast after they started my labor 8am Feb. 6th, 2006... 11am they said he'd be here, but NOPE! Not until after 8pm did my little guy arrive... 5lb 5oz and 17.5in long. Absolutely gorgeous! As for today, I took him in for his one year doctor check up where he received three shots for immunizations and a diagnoses for an ear infection... what fun ;) He's still a little guy, weighing in at 17lb and 28in long... but still healthy as ever!

As a side note... it's finally warming up here in the valley. My favorite kind of weather... sun shining, cool breeze, jacket weather... it's got to be in the 50s. Anyways, so I wasn't shocked to see the motorcycles out, but while driving home from the doctors I saw a guy wearing SHORTS on a motorcycle... GOOD GRIEF! That's still crazy if you ask me!!

As another side note... I found out that the consumer union is recalling their claims (which is a rare thing to ever have happen with these guys). The report said that crashes were at 35mph, but really they were 70mph. All car seats with bases being sold legally have already passed tests ranging in those lower speed limits. I asked my doctor all about it since I heard rumors of the mistake after I made my carseat safety post. So don't stress so much anymore, it's not as insane as I thought!


Tyler & Sheena said...

Yea! Happy Birthday Gary!

Ryan Velting said...

Ahhh.. He is so adorable!!

Happy Birthday Gary, from Ryan in Michigan!!


Great picture. Make sue you save these!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy Birthday Gary! They grow up so quickly. My little guy will be two on Monday ... and he was 20 lbs at 4 months. Quite the opposite of yours :) ?!?

Fantastic Five said...

Happy Birthday!