Saturday, February 3, 2007

Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Gary's birthday. He'll be turning one on the sixth... I can't believe my baby is a whole year old! Anyway, the party was a BLAST! Gary looked as cute as ever and I appreciate the family and friends that came out to play with us! The pinata was super fun, this time it was Burk's fiance, Heidi, that busted it open... she even dove for the candy, I love when people get all into it like that! Gary wasn't so sure about the cake which is real odd because he loves to eat Mom and Dad's cake when we're eating it. I guess it was just overwhelming, so he played with it and probably didn't eat so much! As soon as we got his toys out, though, he was all for playing until he was totally exhausted. It was still a battle to get him down for a nap... who can blame him, what a fun morning!!

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Sheena said...

I wish we could have been there. It sounds like you had some fun. Tell him happy birthday for me tomorrow!