Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

The last couple years have been a whole lot of fun since my husband is a late bloomer when it comes to sports... he was, and still is, a nerdy Dungeons and Dragons (and all that type of fantasy stuff) geek! But since he met my family & Madden05 he's a changed man. Anyways, we went over to my aunt Kim and uncle Khaled's place (as is our tradition now days). The majority of us were cheering for the Colts since Grossman is so unreliable. The game started out unbelievably, but turned out as we all had hoped... with the Colts winning! What a good feeling it was to watch Manning achieve such a feet! I wasn't real into the commercials, which is bizzare since back in the day that's why I watched the event (as with most women). This year I was chasing around my little ones so much I wasn't really able to enjoy much of it all... except watching Todd get all into the game and eating yummy food! But I did catch the one about coming to an end... well I don't remember much about it except watching the superfans do their end of the season rituals hit home since my husband has been going through withdrawls since the playoffs started... the overall point of the commercial was that Brett Favre wasn't retiring yet, but that'd have to be my favorite (what does that say about our selection anyways??) It was a great time, thanks all!

As a side note... Liv is doing marvelous at the potty training! It really does just click one day & then it's like "Yay!" The weekend went with only one that was her fault (sad to say the others were from a nonbelieving mom, sorry ) And yesterday we didn't have any s & today only one poopy! Yippee! That's my big !

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Fantastic Five said...

Great news about the potty training! YEAH!