Sunday, February 18, 2007

Special Sunday Spotlight

This is, by far, my favorite potty-training tool. When Liv showed that she was understanding the whole potty deal I was ready to venture outside the house. Real quick I ran into the problem of giant toilets. Liv was a good sport & would let Mom hold her there on the seat, but always without progress. So I searched far and wide & finally found this fold-up potty at Baby's R Us. It is so wonderful to be able to take along a seat discretely!
Now that Liv is down to one accident a day I am ready to give my say on the potty-training experience... The book was absolutely fabulous. I learned a lot about patience and the fact that this is a learning experience for her, much like learning to walk. It took us about ten days to go without accidents. We're still struggling with going #2, but other than that Liv is doing how well! I am very proud of my big girl!

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