Sunday, February 11, 2007

Perfect Valentines!

I love to dance with my hubby, he is so much fun on the dance floor (even though he has no idea what he's doing!) so I snatched up the opportunity to go to the Sweetheart's Dance that our stake was putting on. I told Todd that this is all I wanted (which was a wonderful thing for him to hear since our money is going in so many other directions). My sweet dad had given me some cash for taking my little brother out shopping for clothes for his upcoming play. (Thanks Dad, you really didn't have to do that, but it's much appreciated!) So I told Todd that it was to pay for our Valentine's Dinner. I know, I know, Valentine's is on the 14th, but I HATE going out that day... it's just pure insanity! So we headed over to Rumby's, a Hawaiin Grill, and ate some super yummy food! We met up with other couples from our ward at the dance & let loose. I know I look like a teenager, but I think I made it real convincible last night! I was jumping off the walls, taking pictures of all my friends (no, they did not like that so much, and were super happy to snag my camera and get shots of me bouncing about doing the "Boot-Scoot Boogy"... you'll notice that I DIDN'T post any of those shots!) It was the PERFECT VALENTINE'S EVER! Just what I love to do... dance, let loose, and party with friends! Thanks Honey!

As a side note... you'll notice that I've been playing with my photoshop, YAY! It's so addicting!

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Jodie said...

You guys are so super-cute!!