Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bear!

My little brother turned 15 yesterday, so I want to say a little somethin' somethin' about this unique kid I've gotten to watch grow... I am so very proud of him! When we were younger I couldn't stand him because he worried about everything. Getting out of the house was a mess cause everyone had to get their coats and such. Turns out, though, that this has become a very important strength of Aaron's! He cares so deeply for everyone and doesn't ever let anyone feel left out (it's no wonder he's a student body officer at his junior high). He is very intelligent, part of the school's honor program & still earning 4.0s! He's performing in the musical "Honk" at the end of March, and is a magnificent trumpet player! I have a special fondness of him since he looks & is a lot like our mom & my son is almost his twin! Yay for Aaron (aka Bear)!

On his birthday the guys had planned to go to the Jordan River LDS temple with their stake, so I met up with them for dinner there. It was a super cold day, but I loved the snow capped mountains so I had to grab the fam for a beautiful picture!


Suzanne said...

How fun! I have a brother that's 16 and it's so fun to watch him grow up! :)

Heather said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Aaron!