Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ready For Spring

I meant to post these forever ago... as in Friday when the weather turned on us! Thursday the kids wanted to go outside and play. The weather was super windy, but we were so excited for sunshine. It is a real good thing that we did get out to enjoy the sunny day, cause when we woke up the next morning there was six inches & still falling snow outside our window. I tell ya, the weather has some sense of humor. Always teasing us. This winter has been a few days of jacket weather, my favorite, then a blizzard of snow. Not so kind! Those of you that live here in Utah totally understand, and it could very well be playing the same joke all through out the states... I'm just saying I'm ready for true spring & consistent warm weather!

In the meantime... I had so much fun watching the kids get to play on their playground! It was Gary's first time out there really being able to play and enjoy the toys. His sister loves having a playmate, but she forgets how little Gary is a lot of the time! Our English Pointer, Lacy, loved this warm weather more than all of us, I think! She was so happy to be able to run around, enjoy the sun on her back, and I'm sure it does wonders for her joints. What a great day to have before another snowstorm!


Suzanne said...

I wish we had some consistent weather too! I think I just want Spring here in general. Your kids look so cute playing on the equipment! :D

Hand Puppet said...

Is your dog totally SMILING?! Precious!

Heather said...

Fun! It's kind of doing the same thing here in TX, only it's about 15-20 warmer than UT.