Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Series of Unfortunate Events: The End

It's time for me to make my official say on this long awaited end to The Series of Unfortunate Events. I started this book way back in the day when there were only three out. I thought it was a fabulous idea... a story that DOESN'T end happy. (I was in need of a huge change in story line, if you couldn't tell.) I got some of my family involved in the unfortunate stories of the Baudelaire orphans. One especially... my mom. Her and I figured that there would be 13 books to the series since there was always 13 chapters, which is why I found it so stinkin' funny that the 14th chapter, the last say on the Baudelaires, is exactly 13 pages long... HA! So this is my point... I didn't so much like the ending, I didn't so much like the last few books as far as story line goes. It was so so & the Baudelaires were always learning more, in a very weird way... anyways, it was all so random and confusing, their story, that I kind of stopped caring what happened to them. So why did I keep on reading? I love love love this "Lemony Snicket's" quarkiness! His random explanations of words or sayings, the silly talents of the children, the bizarre twists, the insane characters... these things kept me hooked. What imagination! I so want to know who this guy really is, ya know!

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Hand Puppet said...

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