Sunday, February 3, 2008

Patriot Blues

Despite the crazy snow storm we had last night that left us with deep snow drifts (up to 4ft in most places), we successfully held an awesome Super Bowl party! Unfortunately, we are also Patriot fans... which meant that besides a great party, surrounded by fabulous friends and family, and tons of yummy food, we had a disappointing night. The game was close (against the New York Giants), and that is all I usually hope for out of the super bowl, but loosing the biggest game of the year after an undefeated year was heart breaking. Again, though, the night was a blast, I am so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends to celebrate and party with! Enjoy the faces of Todd... I love how animated he is when watching football (always happy, he's never blown up at the tv, not yet at least)!


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