Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Digi Dare #83

I was excited for this digi dare, to scrapbook my obsession (or rather one of my obsessions). The requirement's were: 1 paper, 2 photos of your obsession, 3 fonts or alpha, 4 random elements, 4 lines of journaling. So I didn't completely follow the rules, but it was great inspiration, as the digi dares are really meant to be. Here it is... my obsession scrapbooked:

These hands tell a story of an incredible
woman who made elegant blankets. She
was taught by her grandmother,
and when I, her daughter,
was ready she taught me.
Now I make beautiful
creations. In each is told her

Credits: paper: Fall-o-ween by Heather Roselli
flowers: Fancy Smancy Flowers by Shawna Clingerman


Anonymous said...

Dear Tami, Your Mom would be so proud of allthat you do. You will carry on herlegacy as well as Grandmas. You and Todd really make your Dad proud. Love You.....


Chel said...

Tami- You are amazing! I loved this, brought happy tears to my face.

Your friend, Chel

TyandKolbi said...

You are so talented, Miss Tami! This is a beautiful tribute to your sweet mom.

Thanks again for dinner! We didn't mean to impose ;) When we get in our house (hopefully!), you guys can come visit and I will return the favor!

Suzanne said...

Wow, you are so talented with your digital scrapbooking. The page is lovely! (And so is your crochet!) :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tami,
Wow! That is such a beautiful tribute to your mother and grandma. I was so touched. You are an incredible woman Tami.

Wardles said...

I love this Tami! Beautiful.

Em said...

That's really beautiful...

Amy said...

You are one crafty lady! Great page!