Saturday, April 19, 2008

Testing the Water

Another great thing about living in southern Utah... local lakes!! We have two little reservoirs nearby (about a five to ten minute drive nearby), Quail Creek and Sand Hallow. The first is where we went the other day when the sun was shinning and the breeze was null. It's a teeny body of water, and way too cold to get in and ski (not that the water wasn't incredibly tempting), so we just drove around. The Grandpa entertained the kids by chasing some seagulls, don't worry they're quick to take flight, the kids thought it was so silly and giggled all the while. We were only there about 45 minutes, but it was perfect. I look forward to many more of these little outings... especially when the temperature is just right for skiing and more water fun!


Amy said...

OK, just the beauty of the day and your surroundings alone were worth going there!

Granpa sounds like so much fun! I'm glad your kids are able to enjoy!!

Chel said...

How lovely! I love the lakes in So. Utah! And I just adore those cute kids of yours.

Wardles said...

oh that does look nice! Maybe we will have to come visit! Oh and Tami.. I FINALLY went water skiing 2 years ago. Finally! Very fun!