Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Spotlight

My Father-in-law:  This is Gary Young, my favorite father-in-law! You may recognize the name because it is the same as my little  boys... yes my boy was named after his grandpa.  When Todd left on his mission he announced his first son would be named after his dad, and so it was!  Turns out I love that name for my boy!  Anyways, this man is great!  He makes me laugh quite often!  He's a big kid... he celebrated his birthday today (hence why I'm spotlighting him), you would never guess his age, cause he never acts it!  He has this great hard-working ethic!  I rarely see him sitting around... he's always up to some project!  Recently it's been an entertainment room and a lawn, everyday, as soon as he gets home from work, until I make him be quiet cause the kids are going to bed... sometimes even past then!  My husband, his second oldest son, his is exact twin... they are two of a kind, even in looks!  I am grateful for all that he's taught Todd... well except that they are such constant teases to their wives. . .  But the best part is watching him with the kids.  I didn't know what to expect when we moved in... how these empty-nesters would do with my disastrous kids tearing apart their house.  But Grandpa's arrival home from work is the greatest highlight of the day for both parties (the grandkids and grandpa)!  It's precious!  I am grateful to know this man & hope he had a very happy birthday!!
p.s The last picture of Gary is awesome because he has his sons, Taber - who's in North Carolina because he's a Marine & Tyler - who lives with his wife in Salt Lake, on the phone singing along with us as we sang "Happy Birthday" before he blew out his candles... how cool!

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TyandKolbi said...

Great spotlight for my dad, thx, Tyler