Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day

Yeah, I'm a couple days behind... Todd bought me a new camera & my dad gave me Adobe Photoshop so I've been playing with all that instead of updating my blog. Ya know, I just can't leave my toys alone... they NEED me!

So Christmas morning was a hoot! Liv was all awnry (as she usually is in the morning) so I was cuddling her & then we told her that Santa had been here... then she pushed me away & headed down the hall. When she walked into the front room I think she was just shocked... she just stood there & smiled, then looked at us like she was waiting for permission to touch the presents & such. So we told her to pick a present & so began our morning of unwrapping. Liv really enjoyed opening a present then playing with the toy & then she's let us know she was ready for more by asking "another present?" Gary didn't want to unwrap, he just wanted to play with whatever Liv was playing with! They are working on sharing a lot lately!

We had breakfast with my dad & the boys. Dad made baked eggs, which I requested because since I haven't had it for so long since we moved out of Dad's place. Dad & the boys spoiled us rotten (as well as did Todd's parents) Thanks to all, you really didn't have to!

We took a drive up to my Grandma & Grandpa Montgomery's place for dinner & sharing of presents! My cousing, Toby, was in town & I was so happy to see him. I think my family thinks I'm way too bubbly, but what can I say!! I felt bad that I didn't go by my mom's grave, but I really don't feel her there... I feel like she's available wherever I am & I could feel her close all day both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!
Later that evening Tyler and Kolbi (Todd's brother & sister-in-law [as well as one of my roommates from college]) came by. They have been living in Spokane, Washington while Tyler earned is master degree at Gonzaga. Todd was so excited to see his big brother! This is what Christmas is about... being with family! Well, that & Jesus!
Love ya all!


Heather said...

I am glad ya'll had a good Christmas. We did too. I was surprised by Benjamin because usually kids his age don't unwrap presents. He tore through them like it was old hat. Kids are weird.

Toby Lynn said...

It was good to see you and the rest of the family. I miss everyone allready and I miss so much more not being there. I try to visit when I can. OH, if you want my profile on myspace is here: