Sunday, December 10, 2006

It is a winter wonderland here in Utah today. There are all sorts of large fluffly snowflakes falling from the ski. I am very grateful to be inside my warm house watching it through strong pane of glass!

Olivia was so excited to see Santa at our church party last night! She sat on Santa's lap last year, but I thinks she still didn't understand what this old man dressed in red was all about. It was super fun to see her eyes light up when he showed up at the party this year! She still doesn't understand the roll of the line, though. She kept trying to drag todd or me through the massive crowd of super excited kids! It took us quite a while to get to him, and once we did Liv was not going to say a word. Amazingly, I got this real good shot of the two of them! When she went to get off his lap, she gave him a great big hug! So stinkin' cute!

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