Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Friends, Good Times

Last night we had some of Todd's friends over for dinner. These people are great! Todd has known some of them even as far back as Junior High... talk about loyalty! There's Nate Kelley, Adam & Julie Kelley, and Cory & Melissa Huff. Anyways, so here we are at dinner. I made up some easy, but yummy Navajo Tacos. Then we played games & even exchanged some presents! Extra thanks to Nate for letting me open his present... he wanted me to wait until Christmas, but I had an itch to unwrap something BAD! Thanks dude! And a reminder to Adam & Julie to play nice with their presents :)


Heather said...

Has Todd let his hair grow out? Do you like it?

tami and todd said...

Yep, Todd's hair is longer than it's ever been since I met him & I like it... sometimes ;)