Monday, January 14, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I know that I claim to be a digi-scrapper but I have rarely posted any layouts in the last year. But I want you all to know it's not because I really don't do it, instead it's because what I was doing was making little scrapbooks for mine and Todd's parents for Christmas. As you can see, I couldn't post them and ruin their gift. So now I am putting up a slideshow so I can share those pages with you! I really do love digital scrapbooking, and here are the reasons...
1. It is so much more convenient. With traditional scrapbooking I'd have to wait until I was away from the kids or after they went to bed because of all the supplies I had to haul out. Of course they want to play with whatever mom is playing with. But with digi scrap I can just open up my laptop while they are watching cartoons or playing and work on a page or two without them wanting to play with all the little pieces.
2. I love that I can use paper, embellishments, and such over and over!
3. I can use a lot more pictures on a page because it's so easy to size them without having to order them in wallets. Or, make them larger so a favorite picture can really be spotlighted & not have to pay the extra money to have the photo enlarged.
4. I have every layout saved on my computer and cds as well as on photomax where they save the files on a hard drive in the granite vaults here in the rocky mountains.
I am sure there are several others, but there are the top ones for now!


Heather said...

Your books are super cute!

blueyes_crochet said...

Wow, looks like you have been hard at work. I like how all your pages turned out.

I have a good life said...

They are super cute. I have been wanting to get into the digital scrapbooking thing, but I can't figure out what software I want. What do you use? Is it online or purchased in a box? Help me out...I really want to get started!