Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dinosaur Museum

Today was a whole lot of fun. Todd, Gary and myself went with Liv on her field trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. I love these opportunities to watch Liv interact with her peers. Today she was more reserved, but she has begun to make friendships which makes me so excited for her and her future! Both the kids loved all the exhibits, especially those that were hands on. My favorite exhibit was the star walkway, a room that makes you feel as if you're walking in space surrounded by starlight! At the end of the tour the kids get to play in a sand pit and uncover "dinosaur bones" with brushes just like paleontologists. This was quite the experience... my kids are definitely their genders, Liv is definitely a girly-girl whereas Gary is pure boy. Yet when we got to this last exhibit Gary started throwing a fit when the sand got on his hands, it was weird cause usually he doesn't give getting dirty a second thought. Whereas Liv enjoyed playing for quite a while. Interesting! It was definitely a great time, though, I'd love to do it again!