Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cooling Down

It is tough... this incredibly hot weather we've had this summer in southern Utah. I feel like we're stuck inside because it feels like we're cooking in an oven whenever we're outside. Finally, we found the local pool in our new home town (well except we have to go two towns over...) It is nice enough... it's made with the gradual slope which is very kid friendly! This last time we talked the grandparents into coming with us, the kids loved that! It was a lot of fun! My daredevil son is getting real brave in the water, which is good and bad. Todd got him (but still not Liv) to blow bubbles in the water. We're easing into teaching them to swim. I know, it's shocking they don't know how to with all the boating they've done since the day they were born. Anyways, it was a whole lot of fun to get cooled off in the pool, kids are the best!!


Chel said...

So fun!

I love the pictures!

liss said...

You take such incredible water shots, I look forward to seeing how this skill of yours is used in Hawaii.