Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Celebration

I hope everyone had a fun filled fourth of July! We had an adventurous one! We started with the little and super short parade of Hurricane City. It was worth it just to watch the kids race to gather all the candy they could! The kids played game and earned tickets at the little fair in the park. Later we went to watch Wall-e. I love living in this small town for the fact that we can show up five minutes to when a movie starts, on a holiday, and still get good seats. The movie was cute enough, but not quite enough to keep mine and Liv's attention. On the other hand, Gary is going through a robot phase & laughed a whole lot!! After that we had BBQ with family and played card games. When the sun finally set we went to the Toquerville city park to light fireworks. Living in this desert we were told that you had to go to the park to light your own fireworks, yet we were the only ones there, weird. But Hurricane was also doing air fireworks so maybe that's where they were. But it's not like there's a whole of us in this city anyways. It turns out Gary boy is still terrified of fireworks, he has been since he was an infant. It blows my mind since he is our little dare devil & 100% boy, yet loud noises scare him like crazy. He did surprise me in the end, though, when he wanted to hold his own sparkler! Liv really enjoyed the fireworks, and sparklers, she surprises me too! It was a lot of fun here at the Young's place, I hope the same for all of you!