Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pioneer Children

Saturday our little town of Toquerville celebrated it's 150th birthday, so we woke the kids up at 7:30am (I know, it's contrary to the post on the 24th...) and dressed them as little pioneer children so they could ride with Gma and Gpa Young in "Grandpa's Old Red Car"... a '53 Ford beauty! They had a lot of fun and were very good at waving their little flags out the windows, it was a hoot! The parade was followed by a free breakfast at the park, which was incredibly packed for our mini-sized town! After a little concert of music from the days when the city was established we took the kids home so they could rest up. I actually gave Gary boy a long ride hoping to get him down for nap... instead he fought imaginary bad guys in the back seat! Luckily, the kids early morning never ended up in orneriness. Later we returned for a dutch oven dinner... yum, and a children's rodeo. It was so fun to watch the group of kids chase chickens and various sizes of piggies, and then a couple of dads! It was a good ol' time!!


Chel said...

Oh SO FUN!! I love dutch oven cooking. YUM!

Aly said...

That last picture of Gary on his Grandpa's shoulders is just priceless...I love it!!!