Thursday, July 31, 2008

Springtime Reminder

This blanket has been waiting for me to finish it for awhile... I ran out of yarn with 3/4 of the last border row left (which seems to be the trend for me lately, very frustrating to have to buy a whole other scane just for that little bit). It's hard for me to believe I made a whole blanket out of variegated yarn... I'm not a big fan of it, only in small amounts. But during Easter time I saw this yarn and, due to the season, I loved it & had to use it! Then I ran out of yarn & had a blanket to make for a wedding... one thing followed another, so just not I've finally finished it! Yay!


Chel said...

Very pretty.. of course! I love the scalloped edging! So pretty.

You are so talented!

Dean and Rachel said...

I wish I knew how to do something like that. i am so not talented in the sewing/craft area of life.
By the way....I totally know how to spell your name. I have always known, I was just having a blond moment.

Amy said...

Oh so lovely. Any baby would just love to be seen in that!