Monday, July 21, 2008

Rain in the Desert

Finally, we have rain! It's been trying to off and on for the last week, and I have been wanting it so bad. Not only because the temperature around here gets into 110+ degrees, but because I LOVE the rain. I always have. Well, as long as I'm not driving in it! Growing up, whenever there was a thunderstorm my mom would turn off all the lights and we'd watch the lightening, counting down to the thunder. One time she turned on the Garth Brooks song Thunder Rolls... set the mood just right (of course back then I had no clue what the song was about)! Anyways, so I've been craving the rain, and I was so happy when it finally came, and now the river is full... I love the sound of it's rushing water as well!! Plus, we found this "little" friend trying to get into our place as an escape from the unusual rainstorm. I'm glad Todd found it first cause I probably would've freaked! We put it in a jar in case my father in law wanted to keep it. He likes to bring bugs and such to show the little kids at church, he's the one holding the beetle in the picture. All sorts of fun last night!


Suzanne said...

That is one big bug! I saw on the news last night that your area was getting a lot of rain. We're hoping to get some of that up here today, but no such luck so far!

I can't imagine how you're enduring 100+ temps. It sounds SO hot!

Aly said...

We had rain here too!! I was sooo excited...I love the rain:) It turned out to be a perfect day to do some much needed weed pulling!!!

tami and todd said...

You weed in the rain??

Chel said...

whoa. that's a scary bug! :)

If you want to see desert come down to Arizona. I used to call Southern Utah a desert until I lived here. :)