Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Liv

I can't believe my baby is FOUR YEARS OLD today! Four years ago I had an incredible day which ended with this beautiful new addition to my family! I named her Olivia Lynn Young, she was 7lb 12ozs of goodness! Her daddy was just as proud, or more, when I was ready to let go of her he took her out to show her off to her new family who was waiting in the hall! Now she has grown so much... she's smart, active, and beautiful! She can recognize almost all the letters, match all the uppercase to their lowercase for all but two letters of the alphabet. She can spell book, ball, cat, map, and all of her family's names all by herself! Like her mom she loves chocolate but is very picky about what she'll eat, and loves to shop. But she has her daddy's smile! She loves dolls, the Disney Princesses, Littlest Pet Shops, and making pretend food in her Dora Kitchen.
She has an incredible imagination, and blows me away frequently! We celebrated our birthdays together at Lake Powell on Saturday... there will be more to come on that!


Chel said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl!! She sounds like an angel!
So fun to celebrate at LP!

I leave on Sunday-- I will email you and hopefully we can find a day to play! :)

A Good Husband said...

Happy Birthday Liv!! Hope you're all doing well!

Wardles said...

Wow! Her birthday is so close to yours... and 4 years old! I can still remember when you sent me a picture of her when she was just born. So crazy how time flies. Happy Birthday Liv!