Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I have been feeling bad that I don't have any pictures of my dad & the boys on my page so I'm taking care of that right now! I love these guys, they've been a part of my life for forever & forever to come! Both of the boys are doing real well in school. This year Aaron is in 9th grade, student body vice president, and a straight A student! Nate is a Junior at Hunter High School and is now driving!! It has sure taken a lot of stress off of me now that he can help car pool! Both boys were on the golfing team at Hunter, I was amazed at how much they played... every day! I know golf isn't as physical as most sports, but it is still tiresome to do so much. I heard that they got great reviews from their coach at the banquet so I'm very proud of them! My dad is amazing! I can't imagine what he's gone through & his own personal battles he's fought since Mom passed away. She is my best friend, but he was everything to Dad. He takes such good care of the boys & is so much more patient now that he doesn't have a soft cushion for the boys to fall on. I love love love them all!

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